What We Do – Old

Teeming Media is a full-service strategic editorial and business consultancy, helping companies manage their digital media and events toward specific business objectives. With decades of experience, we are uniquely positioned to help you conceive, create and manage media and establish the metrics for their success. Our services include:


We focus on objectives: Defining them, analyzing them, and making sure the processes you implement drive those objectives–revenue, audience development, lead generation, etc. Our focus is clear, and our recommendations specific, actionable and measurable. Let us help you earn more revenue, increase profits, reach more audience, generate leads, create “buzz,” and meet other business objectives.

Strategic Business Analysis, Planning and Positioning

Business Plan Analysis: We draft or improve your business plan to focus and target objectives, positioning your properties for growth or sale. We analyze financial statements with the latest and most powerful financial and statistical techniques, mapping them to your business imperatives. Our analysis of whether The Wall Street Journal should go to a fully ad-supported model was widely quoted, including inBusiness Week.

Tactical Execution: We develop digital strategy, tactics and positioning to drive the business forward months and years into the future, with evaluation of editorial, business, distribution and production, digital media and financial evaluation. Our models usually focus on mixed revenue streams.

Sales/Business Development: We help you understand and implement standard and new advertising techniques, implement sales programs, develop business partnerships, even develop presentation and speaking kits to land advertising and partnership revenues.

Website Evaluation, Recommendation: Using the latest Web analytics techniques, we evaluate metrics, funnels, SEO, search, etc., to quantitatively and incrementally improve business metrics across all sites, while staying focused on strategic and editorial imperatives. We make specific, actionable recommendations in everything from designing a site or homepage to deciding whether and how to launch blogs, vlogs, widgets, mobile services, podcasts, targeted emails, RSS and other media.


We conduct and write research on the media and information space. We conduct both custom and self-generated reports. We powerfully compile, write and edit reports from existing research, conducting extensive in-depth supporting interviews. Previous reports include:


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