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Teeming Media Tips: Organize Your Staff for Digital Success

Bill Stump
Michael Silberman of NYMag.com, Bill Stump of Men’s Health and Philippe Guelton of Hachette

Many media companies struggle with adding or integrating digital staff while keeping the larger operation running smoothly. Some of the issues are broad and strategic: Should the Web staff be placed in a separate operation or attached to existing groups? Should the digital folks report up through the marketing department, editorial, IT, sales? Should the sales team be all one group selling everything, or split among print or broadcast and digital? There are also crucial tactical questions: Should individual publications or TV shows have dedicated Web staff or pull from a shared group?

In a forum at the Magazine Publishers of America, and in complementary discussions and research, we explored these issues. Here are tips you can use when deciding how to organize your staff for digital success: