Clients and What They Say


  • “Working with Teeming Media turned the media-placement chore into a positive learning experience. The advice on ad placement and sponsorship was in our best interest and the traffic numbers to our Web site were very good. The creative execution was especially well-done and the attention to our account was exceptional. We have nothing but praise for the attentive work done on our behalf.” — Sophie Lafferty, Knight Digital Media Center
  • “Dorian and Teeming Media were instrumental in helping me increase my presence online and in social media to an audience of thousands in just three months. From simple coaching to more sophisticated technical solutions, they proved their abilities and worth.” — Jane Bryant Quinn, best-selling author, pre-eminent financial journalist (
  • “Teeming Media came on board last Fall to help us build and cultivate audience and increase our revenues. They constructed and executed marketing outreach and and sales plans using the latest tools, such as social media like Twitter and Facebook, while also helping us stay clear of those that weren’t effective. We saw traffic increases well beyond what we had previously achieved and revenue growth many times over. It was a pleasure working with Teeming Media and Dorian and we would be glad to work with them again.” — Mark Glaser, Founder and Publisher, PBS MediaShift
  • “Teeming Media succeeded, as promised, in helping us build NY Convergence into a leading media property in its space. With their help we shored up the editorial, technical and business sides, more than doubled our audience in a few months, secured multiples more in ad revenue and learned much better how to run the operation. Teeming Media also devised and drafted a forward-looking business plan and helped us get in front of potential investors. We’re very pleased and will work with them again.” — Lloyd Trufelman, CEO, TrylonSMR
  • “If you’re trying to figure out what CMS to choose for your news organization, and you’re confused by the plethora of choices, [their paper] is worth every penny. Even better than reading the white paper is to talk with them in person.” — Jane Stevens, Reynolds Journalism Institute (full report by Stevens is here)
  • “[The strategic and financial work done was] very professional, insightful. It was obvious that you really cared, and we walked away with a useful tool.” —Arlene West, President, Capital Roundtable
  • “TOP BUTTON has worked with Teeming Media for over six months on special projects that dealt with content development, Web product development, marketing strategies and business development. All projects were worked on diligently, thoroughly and until successful completion and execution. Dorian is not only a creative thinker but also a superb person–which is huge benefit in any business relationship.” —Michael Feldman, CEO,
  • “Dorian was extremely thoughtful, and moved the company forward in terms of the depth and breadth of our media coverage. Not only is Dorian an extremely adept content person, but he understands the business side of interactive media, and I have found his ideas very valuable. I would recommend working with him at his consulting firm.” —Christopher O’Hara, Senior Vice President,
  • “Dorian is incredibly smart, diligent, caring and has a wonderful work ethic. He is a leader. As well, he is someone who understands both the editorial and business sides of media. Dorian has executed upon a wide range of editorial, marketing and product ideas with finesse. He follows the technology world closely, stays on top of trends in Web technologies and brings that knowledge to bear in his work. He also knows who the key players are in the space, as well as the companies and their inter-relationships; he has a facility for biz dev, keeping an eye out for key potential partnerships…I would feel extremely comfortable having him approach potential partner companies on our behalf. He is extremely literate an has superior skills in analysis, presentation and public speaking.” —Laurel Touby, CEO,
  • “Personable, Expert, High Integrity” —Rebecca Raphael, Supervising Web Producer, CBS Television Distribution/Rachael Ray Show
  • “Teeming Media provided us the means to rigorously test our business strategy and apply multiple scenarios that led us to make well reasoned decisions in a complex and competitive environment. We appreciated the hands-on and collaborative nature of Dorian Benkoil’s work.” —Suzanne Schlicht, COO, The World Company, MediaPhorMedia

Other Clients Include:

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  • Jack Myers Media Business ReportJack Myers Media Business Report
  • Magazine Publishers of America
  • Sobel Media
  • Borrell Associates
  • Columbia University Executive Programs
  • Main Street Connect
  • Hechinger InstituteHechinger Institute on Education and The Media

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