Survival Guide to the Digital Video Landscape

SpotXChange "Survival Guide to the Digital Video Landscape"If you want to keep up with the latest trends in digital media and advertising, check out the white paper we’re co-creating on behalf of video ad exchange SpotXChange.

The paper explains the current state of video and advertising in the larger context of television and other media, then goes on to explain details of the latest tools, techniques and strategies. Sign up HERE to get it.

Chapters introduce the concept of an exchange, explain how video advertising differs from more traditional “display,” go through the roles of market participants, and explore strategies, best practices and tensions. Published chapters so far are:


  • The State of Video in the Advertising Industry
  • More Than TV: Understanding the Shift to Digital Video
  • A Multi-Platform World: Digital Video on Every Screen
  • Buy and Sell Sides, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Overview of Ad Units, Standards and Measurement
  • Private Marketplaces – Attributes and Efficiencies
  • Managing Yield: Getting the Best Value
  • I See Through You! Tensions, Conflicts and Transparency
  • Best Practices – Successful Buyer and Seller Case Studies



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The paper is rich in details of one of the newest trends: programmatic buying through an advertising exchange. For the uninitiated, programmatic buying means, basically, the buying and selling of ads automatically, through machines that talk to each other based on instructions humans have given them.

Forward-thinking stuff, and even a bit astonishing, at times.


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