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In honor of Social Media Week (#smw11), Dorian (@dbenk) and others of us (@teemingmedia) are tweeting about everything from valuations of media companies in the social age, to how to promote books through Twitter, Facebook and more.

We also wanted to give some links to some of our resources, readings and tools:

How to Develop the Facebook Strategy You Need (

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The above links are ones we come across that we want to remember and refer each other to. They are a starting point for a myriad of useful sources and resources.

Predictions for 2011 (PBS MediaShift)

Portability, Participation Rule for New Media Consumer (PBS MediaShift)

Email is Far From Dead (PBS MediaShift)

As Social Media Grows, What Will Become of the Plain Old Banner Ad? (

Ten Tips for Business Blogging (Teeming

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