Predictions for 2011, and What You Should Do

Happy New Year! Here are predictions for some of what will happen in the media and technology space in 2011 from Dorian’s piece on PBS MediaShift:

A Battle of Open vs. Closed Media
Media entities will grapple, argue, battle, and rage over whether to make what they produce freely available to all comers or take a more “walled garden” approach.

Privacy Battles
Consumers will finally start to pay some real attention to what’s being collected about them. And they’ll start to mess with their own data.

The Battle for Rights
As media companies try to charge for the content they control, they’ll also do battle over rights to their content.

Google vs. Apple
In smartphone, browsers, data, publishing and more.

There’s NOT a Social Media Hype Cycle

See all the details here, including advice on what you should do about it all.