Eight Pointers for the Entrepreneurial Journalists

We didn’t even realize there were eight pointers in Dorian’s talk with executives, staff and teachers at the Poynter Institute last week, but that’s how many the ever able Steve Myers of Poynter found when he wrote it up for the Institue’s e-Media Tidbits column (awful name, but great stuff), to which Dorian also contributes. The pointers, via Steve:

    – Cash makes the difference
    – Keep a close eye on how quickly you get paid
    – Strive to create revenue streams that complement each other
    – Be conscious of the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of revenue
    – Be open to building a revenue stream that’s different from your perceived core product
    – Strive to increase advertising revenue with content-specific ad networks
    – All page views aren’t equal

And the full piece is here.


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