Decoding Digital With Women in Communication

Here’s a writeup and pictures of the panel.

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Dorian moderating tonight at the

Cocktails & Conversations: Decoding Digital

held by New York Women in Communication and hosted at the AOL offices on 770 Broadway in downtown Manhattan. Here’s the description:

How to Embrace the Change and Successfully Navigate New Media

Move over Twitter! New York Women in Communications is already focusing on the next big thing. Whether you’re in journalism, marketing, advertising or PR, one thing is clear: Digital media is changing everything. Banner Ads, Facebook, viral video, text alerts- these are just a few of the tools we already have under our belt. But what’s next? In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s crucial to keep up and effectively use the tools that we know to anticipate what’s coming next. This all-star panel of digital experts will take a deeper look at the growing impact of digital media within the field of communications and teach you everything you need to know to stay up-to-date (and ahead of the curve) on the latest digital trends.

The other panelists are:

Erin Byrne
Chief Digital Strategist

Dina Kaplan
Chief Operations Officer

Erin Matts
Chief Digital Officer

Kristine Welker
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Hearst Magazines Digital Media