How to Make Money with Jib-Jab (and Save Journalism)…

Noted entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Larry Kramer came by Naked Media and hinted (about three-quarters through) that he might be getting into a new financial news venture.
He also goes over:

  • How to save journalism
  • Why remarks Rupert Murdoch and the publisher of the Wall Street journal made about Google devaluing all it touches were “a little unfair.”
  • How Jib Jab, a humor and greeting card company he advises, is a business (it’s not just their $19 yearly subscriptions), using social media tools for sponsors.
  • The very difficult emotions he felt selling Marketwatch to Dow Jones for $500 million. it wasn’t as simple as accepting “life-changing check” for millions of dollars, and what he misses about working there. And how he was in some ways forced into doing the deal.
  • How he landed at a venture capital firm, with tips for how entrepreneurs can make a go of it and raise money, using Web tools and other means.
  • How new media companies don’t have all the answers — and what old media can teach them.
  • You can see the rest of the video, including Dorian’s “Shallow Thoughts” jokes about the direction of advertising, and previous shows at the Naked Media site.


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