Help Us Price ‘Finance for Media Professionals’

Over on the site of Scribe Media, our partners in the ‘Finance for Media Professionals‘ series, Peter Cervieri writes about how we’re trying to figure out how to price the video course. It’s not as easy as it might seem. There are real costs involved: equipment, studio, staff, marketing, etc. We want to make it as widely available as possible, and need to cover our costs, and make at least some profit.

Price it low, and we might sell more copies. Price it higher, and we may sell fewer but make more money. We want to make it widely available. Those who attended the shoot told us they thought we could charge $149-$179. We know there’s great interest, but can’t know exactly how much demand. We’re thinking of selling as low as discounted $99 (for those who come in with a membership or through a group). Tell us what you think, and give us any ideas. We’re grateful for the input.

Here’s Peter’s full post, which is pretty open in revealing our discussions and numbers. You can leave comments there or here.


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