Finance for Media Professionals

A Naked Media Seminar: “The Business of Media, Uncovered”
   (In partnership with Scribe Media.)

Module One: Learn to Read, Understand and Use Financial Statements
Date: Monday, March 23, 6-9 p.m., Scribe Media Studios, 15 Maiden Lane, NYC
Capacity: 15 People
Price: $50


In these financially distressed times, you need more than ever to:

  • understand the way money flows in your organization;
  • bolster your financial skills and learn the finance behind decision-making;
  • know how to interpret budgets, secure funds, earn revenue, and do more with available resources.


How do you turn your CFO into an ally and get to “yes” for more of your projects? Your ability to get funding for creative projects requires that you understand how companies financially make decisions.

The budget in an organization doesn’t go to the best projects. It goes to good projects that are best presented in financial terms. The more you understand about how the company makes financial decisions, the greater your ability is to get the funding.

Whether you’re a creative media professional, an advertising executive, a producer, a publisher, an entrepreneur or in any other area of the media industry, this seminar will help you build skills that will make you more valuable, help you keep the job you have, get a new job, secure new business and make you a stronger competitor in today’s marketplace.

In less than three hours, we will teach you in depth how to read and understand:

  • Balance Sheets;
  • Income Statements;
  • Cash Flow Statements;

and, crucially, why you should care about all of them.

Learn how analyzing financial statements will tell you what a company can — and can’t — afford to do.

Professor Ed Fields will use the financial statements of Time Warner, comparing them with those of Google, Yahoo and others, as case studies.

About the Instructor
Over a 30-year career, Prof. Fields has advised organizations ranging in size from $5 million in annual sales to many Fortune 100 companies, as well as government agencies, educational institutions and trade associations. He is the author of two books on financial management, a professor of finance at the Bernard Baruch Graduate School of Business, and a course leader and lecturer at the American Management Association. His combination of practical experience and financial knowledge is unparalleled, and his teaching style makes finance easy to grasp.

After taking this course, you will improve your understanding and awareness of the financial information available in any media company, and learn how to improve decision-making and performance management. The more you understand the financials of a company, the more you will grasp the connection between a creative product and how that product is sold to the marketplace, and provides the financial support that keeps the business going.

For only $50, you can attend this seminar, which will be sold as a downloadable video for $295.

SEATING IS LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE, SO ACT NOW. By being in the room you will be able to ask Prof. Fields questions while the program is recorded. All we ask is that you sign a release form that allows us to use your likeness as a part of our video course.

And please tell us in advance what questions you’d like to ask. We want to make the experience as participatory as possible and make sure that we’re addressing your individual needs.



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