Good Video, ‘Bad’ Video

Tune into Naked Media on June 30 to discuss this and other advertising and PR with digital strategists from Ogilvy and Marsteller.

Viral video is, well, viral. Which means it’s out of control and spreads beyond wherever it’s launched from.

For handlers of the Dove brand, that was considered a good thing when its “Dove Evolution” video (also above) was picked up around the Web and got more than 7 million views on YouTube. But it also launched parodies, like this one, with the tagline: “Thank God our perception of real life is distorted. No one wants to look at ugly people.”

And what about the award-winning but fake J.C. Penney “ad” that shows a teenage couple scheming to hide their sexual exploits from the girl’s mom? J.C. Penney is very upset, and by the time you click on the below, it might have been removed from YouTube.

On Tuesday, June 30, we’ll be talking to digital strategist Ben Ezrick of Ogilvy, who produced the Dove campaign, and Erin Byrne, Chief Digital Strategist at PR firm Marsteller about viral video and other uncontrollable media on Naked Media, the show we’re producing in partnership with Scribe Media.


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