Digital vs. ‘Legacy’ Staff: No Problem

managing staff or digital success Well, maybe a leeeetle bit of a problem, for those trying to get their staff at a magazine — or any media company — to work well and play nice across the digital divide. The folks on the traditional side have priorities that might not be the same as the folks on digital. Can be as simple as the difference in weekly or monthly vs. daily or moment-by-moment schedules, to the differences in orientation when you’re working on search engine optimization and a web of digital products vs. production schedules and printing with color separations. The questions are operational, cultural and financial, and have a great bearing on strategy.

We’ll explore the issues Wednesday morning, and try to get to answers — the actual implementation — at a Magazine Publishers of America breakfast with some leaders of magazines in the digital space: Michael Silberman, General Manager,; Bill Stump, VP, brand editor of Men’s Health, editor; Philippe Guelton, COO, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. and Toni Nevitt, President, eMedia Advantage. The lessons hold not just for magazines, but across the divide.

You can sign up to attend at the MPA website. We’ll also be shooting a video with partners Scribe Media for later use (but believe us: Attending live is best, if you can). The formal name of the event: “Organizing Your Staff for Digital Success“.


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