Media Measurement Research Study Released

Today JackMyers Media Business Report released a report co-authored by our own Dorian Benkoil and Jack Myers: “Great Expectations: Research Industry Looks Toward New Era in Media Measurement.” Based on extensive research, as well as interviews Dorian conducted with more than 20 thought leaders, it gives a broad overview of the very disrupted yet newly optimistic and future-looking world of audience measurement, especially in TV.

From a measurement industry reliant only on Nielsen ratings we’re moving to an amalgam of digital signals from set-top boxes provided and the signals sent back to TiVo from DVRs, with both the cable companies and TiVo, and a myriad of others (including Nielsen) working feverishly to come up with measurements of audience viewing patterns and behaviors that are changing the landscape. Sometimes, the passive measurements are combined with more qualitative research that gets at emotions, brand affinity and the like.

The report has case studies, profiles of vendors and what they’re up to, and analysis of where the measurement industry is going, pulled not only by media buying divisions of advertising companies, but also competition from the likes of broadband video and Web analytics companies.

Sponsored by measurement company Teletrax — which tracks TV via a technology known as watermarking — it’s available, for free, here, on the site.

An earlier study, “Tracking, Monitoring and Monetizing Video Content,” authored by Dorian, is also available on the site, here.


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