The Roger Black Breakfast

Congrats to Roger Black and a big thanks to our audience and sponsor, Attributor, for the first-ever NY:MIEG Gold event which came off without a hitch thanks to Bill Sobel, his team, TV Worldwide, and Gallagher’s steakhouse.

Have a little coverage here, at MediaFlect

… In a wide ranging discussion with a wonderfully combative audience trying to take Roger (and me) to task for the idea that there even needs to be such a thing as a “magazine” on the Web (even though we didn’t really say that) or anything approaching traditional literacy (even though I’m not sure we really said that), Roger talked of the editor Ramon Alberto Garza whom he quoted, when asked what should be the sections of a general interest news or magazine site as answer: “Me, Mine, Us, Them.” And that, said Roger, is the pinnacle of what the Web is about …

and also on Bill’s NY:MIEG blog:

… Ramón Alberto Garza, the editor who created Reforma in Mexico City 11 years ago, and Eduardo Danilo, who designed it, have come together again on a new project that sets the stage for what I would like to think is the future medium of news and design. …


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